What makes us different from other wedding companies in Los Angeles?

We've seen firsthand that the average wedding will create hundreds of pounds of trash. Multiply that by the 2+ million weddings that take place every year and you have quite a wasteful industry. We've made a commitment to reduce our impact on the environment and help our clients do the same.

In addition to being an (almost) paperless office and making other changes to the way we run our business, we've created the Emerald Option to help you to recycle, repurpose or compost remaining items at the end of your wedding. Working with a few partners for the logistics, we'll help to donate flowers and other items so they don't have to be thrown away. We'll take the things off your hands that you'd otherwise have to leave behind. We'll also help you find ways to reduce your footprint before the wedding by recommending eco-friendly alternatives when available.

P.S. - No judgement if you still want to order gorgeous letterpress invites or insist your bridesmaids wear matching dresses they'll never use again - while we offer and encourage these services, we would never require or force them on you! You do you.

Additional fees may apply for services and can be discussed during our initial meeting.