Just the Deets

What if you just need a bit of help towards the end to help calm your nerves before the big day? Think of it as crisis management... when you have a ton of contracts, vendor arrival times, and just can't figure out how to incorporate all of your family's traditions, we can help you pull it all together. 

We'll have an in-depth meeting with you (over the phone, Skype or a glass of wine) and organize a detailed timeline for the day, along with any last minute recommendations or things you may have missed.

While we'd love to spend your wedding day with you, we know that some budgets simply can't afford a coordinator. That doesn't mean you should be left to figure everything out on your own! Contact us at whatever stage of the process makes the most sense for you.


Pricing depends on the length of the meeting and complexity of the event, but will typically be around $200.